LENS – South Saskatchewan

LENS – SSK exists to promote literacy of all learners. We serve preschool and school age children, parents, educators and other community members.


September 9 – International Literacy Day

January 31 – Young Authors Writing Due

February 8 – Selection or writing for YSW publication

April 7 –  Professional Book Circle and AGM

June 2 – Young Authors Night at Winston Knoll Collegiate

Get-Well Soon Kits 

If you have a seriously ill or injured student, in grades Prek through grade 5, who will be away from school for an extended period, send us their name and grade, and we will send you out a literacy package to give to them.  To request a kit please email Chelsey Hicks (chelsey.hicks@rbe.sk.ca).

Executive Members


Lisa Kowalyshyn (lisa.kowalyshyn@rbe.sk.ca)

Vice President



Lisa Kowalyshyn (lisa.kowalyshyn@rbe.sk.ca)

Get Well Soon Kits

Chelsey Hicks (chelsey.hicks@rbe.sk.ca)

Secretary/Young Authors

Lori Burton (lori.burton@rbe.sk.ca)

Leslie Pominville (leslie.pominville@rbe.sk.ca)


Gisele Carlson (gisele.carlson@gmail.com)

Purposes of the Council

To encourage the study of the reading process in all educational levels and in the community at large.

To stimulate and promote research in developmental, creative, corrective and remedial reading.

To assist in the development of teacher training programs.

To promote mutual understanding and collegiality among all educators.


Your membership provides you with:

  1. LENS Focus on Literacy emails throughout the year.
  2. A free professional book when you join our Book Circle
  3. Access to Get Well Soon Kits
  4. The opportunity to participate in the Young Writers’ Publication
  5. Professional growth, collegiality, promotion of literacy and a chance to enhance the love of reading with your students and community

Membership is free and ongoing. Consider becoming a member with LENS – SSK.