Lifetime Achievement

Previous Recipients

  • 2013 Pam Foy
  • 2009 Lori Jamieson Rog
  • 2003 Connie Watson and Charlotte Shoemaker
  • 2000 Georgina Kyle
  • 1998 Amber McLeod
  • 1997 Marilyn Keerak

1. Qualifications

•    Nominee must have been an active member of the Saskatchewan Reading Council.
•    Nominee must have made a significant contribution to the growth and development of the Saskatchewan Reading Council and / or literacy development in Saskatchewan and / or Canada through active participation or innovative ideas and / or directive organization.

2. Nominations

•    Nominations will be received until November 30.

•    Nominations from local councils or the provincial executive will be accepted.

•    Two Saskatchewan Reading Council members must support nominations.

•    A concise written presentation about the nominee will accompany the nomination form.

•    A committee, chaired by the past president, will be formed to examine the nominations.

•    Nominations will be brought before the provincial executive at the January meeting and be voted on only by the provincial executive board.

3.    Presentation of Award

•    The recipient of the lifetime achievement award will publicly receive a plaque and corsage as well as a free lifetime membership to the SRC. All arrangements are to be made by the past president.
•    The award will be presented at the annual reading conference at a time and place to be decided upon by the conference chairperson and past president.
•    The recipient’s family will be invited to attend.

4. Follow-Up

•    The name of the recipient, picture and a short biography will be published in Query, the Bulletin and the SRC website.
•    The past president will confirm with the membership director that the STF maintains an up to date membership list of lifetime achievement award recipients.

5.    General Considerations

•    The entire management and presentation of the award will be the responsibility of the past president.
•    There is no obligation to present the award each year.
•    The past president will invite lifetime members to the conference each

Lifetime Achievement Award

The purpose of this award is to honor an individual who has made a significant contribution to the growth and development of the Saskatchewan Reading Council.